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We are specialist Glazed Partitioning contractors who have installed thousands of walls across the UK.

With installers based nationwide, we can offer a cost-effective solution for your glass partition needs in April 2024 and are able to get costs to you very quickly.

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With years of experience within the glass partitioning industry and providing our services all across the UK, Glazed Partitioning has become one of the leading companies within the industry.

Providing our expertise to businesses of all shapes and sizes, we’ve helped create environments that offer transparency whilst dividing spaces into simple rooms and areas.

Years of research and testing have allowed us to develop industry-defining glazed partitioning systems that are unbeatable in quality and price.

From single-glazed frameless partitions to double-glazed framed door partitions, we’ve installed and supplied our partitioning solutions all across the country. Our team of experts have all the knowledge and skills to help your business bring a great atmosphere to your workspace!

Our team can incorporate key features to meet your individual requirements and we offer a number of great Glazed Partitioning services.

We are more than happy in assisting you with anything you need more information on.

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Who Are We?

Glazed Partitioning is the leading supplier and installer of glazed partitioning systems within the UK. Working across the nation, we’ve helped thousands of clients with our 5-star service, bring their partition projects to life!

With years of experience, our team of experts have vital knowledge of all aspects relating to partitioning solutions.

So, whether you are looking for single-glazed systems or double-glazed systems, we want to help you the best we can by providing you with great service and a fantastic product.

Finding a company that can provide cost-effective glass partition systems can be difficult, but due to the size and reputation our company has, we can give great-priced and high-quality glass partitions.

We’ll help you find the perfect design without compromising the aesthetics of your establishment whilst maintaining the functionality and safety that our glass partitioning is famous for.

Why Choose Us?

Being at the forefront of the glass partitioning industry, our products are of the highest quality and set at an amazing price.

We always aim to improve our process, meaning the glass partition systems you receive are manufactured to be industry-defining, which many other companies fall short on.

Years of research and experience have allowed us to develop not only a state-of-the-art glass office partitioning service but a fully customisable one too.

why should you choose our company?

We want to make sure that the design of the glazed panels we supply will match the aesthetics of the environment, allowing for a free-flowing atmosphere to take place.

Our services are nationwide, allowing us to travel all across the UK to provide you with fantastic glass partitioning solutions.

Glazed Partitioning aims to leave every customer 100% satisfied, so if you have an idea in mind for the project, ask away! Whether you want sliding doors, an aluminium frame and/or sound insulation, our team are more than happier to help those wishes come true.

No matter what stage you’re at, we aim to provide amazing technical support, making you aware of every step of the process, from enquiry to installation. So why not send us an enquiry now and see how we can bring your project to life.

Glazed Partitioning Costs

Glazed partitioning costs £800-£1,200 per linear metre on average.

However, the price can fluctuate depending on the partitioning system and any bespoke solutions you have requested.

The size of the walls and the glass thicknesses will have a big impact on costs. A double-glazed partitioning system with sound insulation and more complex colours will be more expensive than single-glazed partitioning systems with standard colours.

The access will also have an effect on the costs – obviously, a ground-floor-level installation will not be as costly as an installation upstairs.

Before any purchases are made, our team will help you understand the costs behind every factor and how you can get the best glass partitions for a great price.

In addition, we’ll help you understand the difference between our products and help you find the perfect design and partition system for you.

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What is a Glazed Partition?

Glazed partitions are glass walls made using high-quality panes and designed to be used for the function of a room divider. These partitioning systems are great for designers and architects to divide a room without sacrificing floor space and light diffusion.

what is a glazed partition?

These glass wall partitions are fantastic for companies and businesses who want to maintain transparency throughout the workplace whilst also dividing the room into smaller areas, giving teams a sense of intimacy.

It’s important to note that professionals have to carry out the installation process of single and double-glazed systems, as the glass panels require precise precision and industry-standard tools to create a safe environment.

Glass Office Partitioning

Having a glass partition system within your workplace can help create an adherent atmosphere.

Using general solid partitioning systems can divide the workspace into meeting rooms and work areas. Still, this type of partition system can make your office space look droll, cold and even unwelcoming.

We offer fantastic glazed partitioning solutions to help create a workspace that not only creates more rooms but adds a sense of collaboration between teams and specialists due to the transparency factor.

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Office partitions created by us offer a wide variety of different design options, allowing for the aesthetic of your office space to flourish without being compromised.

Offering the chance for any RAL colours to be used, you can make your partitioning projects stand out and create an environment that your employees deserve.

Below is a list of factors that our glass partitioning can offer an office or home, and we assure you that once you use our glass partitioning system, your workplace will change for the better. Our glass panels can be:

To find out more about glass office partitions, get in touch with our expert team members today.

Types Of Glass Partitions

Glass partitions can come in a wide variety of types, offering a flexible solution to your partitioning problems.

Below, you can find each type of glass partitioning product we offer and how much of a difference these partitions can make.

Single Glazed Partition

A low-cost yet high-quality glass partition system and single-glazed partitions allow you to create elegant private rooms within an open space while allowing natural light to enter the area.

This is one of the most popular partitions offices use, and it’s no surprise why!

Single-framed glazed partitions are made using one layer of our safe and carefully engineered glass panes.

Due to this factor, this option is great for clients who don’t wish to spend too much on their partitioning system but still want the highest-quality window partitions they can get.

Double Glazed Systems

For businesses looking to have elegant-looking rooms but want a sense of privacy, double-glazing partitions are a fantastic solution to utilise.

The double glazed glass partitions are tailored to meet specific acoustic requirements, allowing for confidential meetings and a quiet work environment within the space.

Created using two panes of glass, double-glazed systems offer great heat insulation too. Even though the price might be higher, the quality of glass partition walls you are paying for is some of the best in the industry, with years of experience and testing put to use in creating them.

For more information on double-glazed partitions, please complete our enquiry form today and we can arrange a site survey.

types of glass partitions

Glass Doors

As well as frameless glass partitions, we also provide glass doors.

Allowing light to pass from one room to another, glass doors are fantastic additions to any space.

Having glass partitioning present in spaces can create a highly attractive and practical space with fewer dark areas present within the room.

Not only this, but glass doors are really easy to clean and offer incredible durability as a glass door doesn’t corrode, rust, collect dust and/or grime.

If you want to maintain the privacy of spaces with a glass door present in them, you can have them made out of coloured opaque glass or frosted glass! This allows light to still enter but for prying eyes to stay out.

Whether you require a single door or a double door, we can find the best solution for you!

Door Frames

Designed and tailored to your requirements, our door frames come in a wide variety of materials and designs to help match the aesthetics of a certain space.

In addition, having a professionally made and installed door frame can halt any damage to the floor and stop the door from sticking within the frame, preventing damage to the handle, lock and the door itself.

We offer various types of door frames, and the list below contains our most popular choices. Make sure to contact our professional team and get the expertise of industry-leading door frame installers.

Types of door frames we offer include:

Solid Timber Door Sets

A great solution for those looking to make a room meet their acoustic requirements, Solid Timber Door sets are great sustainable door options that your business should consider utilising.

Every timber door is created to suit the environment it’s being placed in, making them quite flexible with the design.

Our wide range of solid timber doors can be used for single and double doors and are guaranteed to add a more natural and relaxed feeling compared to standard doors. In addition, these doors can make your partitioning systems more complete.

Curved Glass

Are you looking to have a more modernist-focused bespoke design within your spaces? Curved glass is a fantastic option and can allow your project to stand out and gravitate people’s attention to your business.

Whilst it looks fantastic, it also offers an incredibly safe environment as our team of experts manufacture each piece to give it the quality you deserve.

You can also tint the glass to any colour of your choosing, whether a metallic colour like silver or gold to a more standard colour like red or blue.

The curved glass allows your business to show outsiders and employees your organisation’s personality.

Framed & Frameless Glass Partitions

Regardless of the length of your glass panels, you may want a specific material being used for the frame of the window partitions, or you might not even want a frame at all!

Our qualified team will help you find the best design to suit your environment using our expertise.

Framed glass can add a secondary colour, making the walls stand out more, whilst frameless glass walls add a sense of professionalism and minimalism to your spaces.

Regardless, we know how to bring your project to life, and we can help easily with this stage of the installation.

Both our framed glass partitions and frameless partitions provide a perfect solution for creating smaller rooms.

Our team can supply glazed partitions with standard DDA dots or squares. By law, you are now required to put film onto glass walls to avoid people walking into them and to meet current building regulations. If you require a unique film manifestation, we can look into this too.

For more information on room design and the wall and door options we provide, please contact us today.

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Glass Partitioning Installers Near Me

Working nationwide, we have had the pleasure of helping companies across the UK. Ranging from big corporate, modern offices wanting a double-glazed partitioning system being installed to a small independent ran a bakery in Cornwall looking for glass doors.

By helping different types and sizes of clients, we have built up a brilliant reputation within the UK and have become the go-to experts for any glazed partitioning system solutions.

If you think your business could do with a more lively and relaxing atmosphere, you should enquire today and see how we can help you design the space of your dreams with our glazed partitioning products!

Glass partitions are a great choice, as there are various benefits and we can alter designs and specifications to meet your specific requirements.

Acoustic Glass Systems

All partitioning systems we offer have been acoustically rated and recognised by UKAS. Acoustic partitions give amazing sound insulation, giving a more contemporary feel to your establishment. This reduces the transmission of noise throughout a room and offers a fantastic way to create a new private space.

Years of research and testing have allowed our company to create some of the best acoustic partitions available on the market.

A lot of other companies have tried replicating our acoustic glass, but none have come close to achieving the industry-defining quality glass we’ve created.

Acoustic Performance

Our acoustic glass ranges in acoustic performance depending on what type of glass partitions you get.

Single-glazed glass can offer a decrease of 40-51 dB within an environment it’s placed in! Double-glazed acoustic glass offers a higher decrease of decibels, ranging between 51-65dB. In comparison, the average human ear can detect a change in noise levels at as little as 5 decibels.

Our great-performing acoustic glass can positively change the work environment by providing rooms that cancel out annoying noises and allow users to focus more on their tasks.

Make sure to contact us today to see how our brilliant acoustic glass can transform your environment.

Which Glass is Best for Partition?

The best glass for a glass partition wall is toughened glass.

When creating our glass partitioning, we use toughened glass (also known as safety glass). This glass is four to five times stronger and more durable than average glass whilst still maintaining the visual properties of regular glass.

which is the best glass for partition?

Our team manufactures safety glass through a specific heating process, giving it the properties mentioned above.

Using this glass provides a safe environment as it has a strong resistance to impacts, and it’s vital that if you are to get glass partitioning, you should only get the safest options.

To find out more about toughened glass partitions, please complete our contact form today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of frequently asked questions when it comes to glass partition systems. We have listed a few below.

Are Glass Walls Safe for Home?

Having glass walls present within your household is safe. Our safety glass is thoroughly tested and researched daily to ensure that the product we provide you with is the safest around.

In addition, due to how good our manufacturing process is, the likely hood of our glass partition walls shattering is incredibly low.

In addition, our window partitioning systems filter almost all UVA rays, which means that furniture present in a room with a glass partition wall won’t be negatively impacted.

So you can rest assured that the glass walls you get from Glazed Partitioning are of the highest quality and incredibly safe to have in your house.

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How Thick Should a Glass Wall be?

Most glass partitions have a thickness between 9.5mm-12.7mm.

The thickness of a glass wall depends on the environment they are present in.

A level of thickness within that range allows the glass to retain its elegant appearance whilst also providing a safe space to be present.

It’s important that you contact our experts today and see what thickness your glass walls would need to be within your spaces; as previously mentioned, the thickness can change due to a variety of different factors. So save yourself the time and let our amazing team handle the work for you!

glazed partitioning FAQ'S

How Much does Toughened Glass Weigh?

Toughened glass can vary in weight depending on its thickness and size. Therefore, providing you with an average would be difficult, but below, we have included a formula that can help you figure out how much glass would weigh!

Glass Weight (KG) = Area of Glass (M²) x Thickness of Glass (mm) x 2.5KG

Using the formula above, you can get a rough estimate of how heavy a glass wall would be.

Send us an enquiry today, and we’ll do the maths for you and tell you how much your glass partitioning systems would weigh.

Types of Glass and Manufacturers Used

Our team make use of various manufacturers and different glass types to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Some of the most popular glass and suppliers we use include:


From glass office partitioning systems to sliding doors, Glazed Partitioning has been the UK’s #1 supplier and installer of glass partitioning.

With years of experience, research and testing, no other company within the nation can provide you with the stellar service our team can.

Not one customer has ever been left unsatisfied after we’ve carried out our services, and we aim to uphold the incredible reputation.

So, why continue the search for a glass partitioning service company? Use the nation’s favourite glazed partition service today and see how we can help you get your project brought to life.

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"I can't say enough good things about our experience with this company for glazed partitioning installation. From start to finish, the team was knowledgeable, communicative, and attentive to our needs. The end result exceeded our expectations, and the quality of workmanship was top-notch. We will definitely be using their services again in the future!"

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